Outdoor Living, Landscaping Trends for 2018

April 12, 2018
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This year, many homeowners are seeking to create an outdoor living oasis in their backyards. A new Houzz report found that 88 percent of landscaping projects are for making outdoor spaces more comfortable.

Homeowners are starting landscape projects chiefly to improve shabby outdoor elements. Yet, once improvements are made, about 67 percent of homeowners say they spend more time outside, no matter their local area's climate. Realtor.com reports that about one third of homeowners undertaking outdoor renovations spent less than $5,000, while 56 percent spent more than $10,000.

Landscape architect Drew Langston agrees that homeowners are focused on outdoor living. In the past two years, Langston has quadrupled the amount of "landscape master plans" he's working on at any given time. These include pools, patios, walls, fire pits, and extensive landscaping—and his business is based in chilly Buffalo, NY! Even in the Northeast, where warm weather isn't as consistent as in other parts of the country, he says people are still jumping at the chance to improve their backyards.

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