Places Where Credit Scores Have Improved The Most

July 13, 2017

For Las Vegas residents, there was nowhere to go but up when it comes to getting their credit in order.

SmartAsset ranked the markets where credit scores have risen the fastest, and Las Vegas came in first. In 2010, the average Vegas resident had a score of only 626, but now it is up to 645, a 3.04 percent increase.

Other cities on the list include Phoenix, Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego, and Miami.

In San Francisco-Oakland, credit scores improved 1.75 percent over the last six years to a score of 699, the highest amongst ranked metros. Other places with high average credit scores include Seattle (692), Denver (687), and Fort Myers-Naples (685), which actually finished second on the list with a 2.85 percent rise in scores since 2010.

In 2016 the average American is more credit savvy than the average American was in 2010. Data from Experian shows the average credit score for Americans in 2010 was 667. By 2016 that number rose to 673. This held true across most cities, as well. Metro level data shows a similar increase. On average metros saw their residents’ credit scores increase by 3.5 points.

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