Polypropylene Imitation Stone | NovikStone

June 6, 2016

Quebec City-based Novik debuts a line of imitation natural stonework that is available for a fraction of the cost of real stone. NovikStone is a naturalstone-look product intended to complement any siding style while allowing for easy installation and remaining impervious to moisture. Designed to create the same depth and shadow as natural stone, NovikStone is available in multiple collections including Dry Stack Stone and Stacked Stone. The Dry Stack option mimics the detail of precision-laid dry stack stone and resists warping, expansion, and contraction. The Stacked Stone (Moka, shown) option provides the hand-laid look of stacked stone masonry but can be installed quickly thanks to a full-panel locking system that allows for a piece to be locked into place before it’s nailed, making installation a one-person job. The Dry Stack stone is available in eight colors; the Stacked Stone is available in six colors. The NovikStone line also includes Hand-Cut, Premium Hand-Cut, and Fieldstone collections.


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