Prefab Solar Home Comes Move-in Ready

October 18, 2019
Courtesy of not only has a lifetime warranty that offers refunds in case its houses are destroyed by aliens or zombies, the Reno, Nevada off-site factory builder uses a 3-D printer that constructs the building after the insulation.

“We developed a patented composite polymer insulation that can also be 3D-printed into a construction material for building walls,” says’s CEO Max Gerbut.

The warranty is a marketing gimmick but builds with carbon fiber, durable polymers and 6-panes of guarded glass and claims its houses will not break down from bugs or rust. The builder offers three models that are designed to retain as much heat and energy as possible.

The ultra-insulated structure makes it possible for solar panels—and a back-up battery—to power the entire home. By the company’s estimates, its home is 20 times more energy-efficient than the average American home. models feature a laundry list of other green features including a bioactive sewage system that helps purify black water and a purification system that cleans and recycles shower water.

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