ProBuilder Product Report: Business Solutions

These products from BuilderMT, SoftPlan Systems and more will help with all of your business needs.
June 30, 2008

It's All in the Process

The latest innovation from BuilderMT is the Business Process Management software. The software provides a platform for studying operating costs by providing the visibility into business processes, allowing businesses to continually refine and remove costs from each process — which should be on every builder's mind these days. For FREE information, visit 

Quicker and On Center

On Center Software's Quick Bid 4.8 has a slew of improvements. Using the new Material eQuote feature, users can send and receive multiple requests for proposals to vendors and then automatically populate bids after choosing the best quote. The Bid Send feature securely shares your password-protected electronic bid information with multiple estimators. For FREE information, visit 

I Have a Plan

A new set of selection capabilities and easy copy and pasting from Microsoft Word and Excel are just a few of the new bells and whistles on SoftPlan Systems' Version 14. On the design side, 3-D capabilities now include artistic rendering modes and textured real-time renderings that contain multiple light sources and shadows for a better image. For FREE information, visit

Draw Smarter

If you're tired of running PowerPoint but still want a simple system to create sophisticated-looking graphics, look no further than SmartDraw's 2008 edition. The software is designed with simplicity in mind; it has plenty of templates to toy with and plenty of automated help features. It also has 17 categories of charts, including maps and other graphics. For FREE information, visit