ProBuilder Product Report: Hand & Power Tools

It's the age old battle of manpower versus horsepower with these new hand and power tools from SawStop, Pam and more.
October 31, 2008

Snip, Snip

The new M8R and M9R Vertical Snips are equipped with specially-designed, angled blades that allow for much greater reach and maneuvering in overhead and other awkward, hard-to-reach areas. Wiss' USA-made M8R (straight and left-cutting) and M9R (straight and right-cutting) are designed to cut up to 22-gauge steel.

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Keep Fingers Right Where They Are

Our kind of work isn't for the faint-hearted or inattentive. But accidents happen to the best of us. The 10-inch SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw makes sure it won't be as bad as it could be. The company's braking system uses the body's own electrical field when it stops the saw blade — it stops within five milliseconds when it detects the blade has contacted the operator's skin.

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This Pam is No Little Girl

With a two-piece ergonomic design, Pam's Fastening PC-12 Cordless Screw Gun accommodates 1- to 2-inch fasteners and up to 600 screws per battery charge. Weighing only 5.1 pounds, the PC-12 is 14 inches long and works great for quick punch-out jobs where a corded tool is inconvenient or where electric power is not an option.

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Won't Lag Behind

Hook and Hanger's LagMaster-Plus hangs threaded rod, ceiling chain and ceiling wire safely from the ground. Developed for electricians, the tool's profile and maneuverability lets your crews work it into the tightest places. According to the company, a faster worker can install up to 100 ceiling installations an hour safely from the floor.

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