ProBuilder Product Report: Insulation & Housewrap

Wrap it up with these new insulation and housewrap products from Pactiv Greenguard, Fortifiber and more.
April 30, 2008

A Great Barrier

Installed into building exterior wall assemblies, often at the same location in which building felt or paper would be, is Carlisle Coatings's Barritech VP. It provides a continuous air and water barrier that allows passage of moisture vapor while eliminating the penetration of liquid moisture. This chemistry allows Barritech VP to keep rainwater out of the building envelope, while allowing indoor moisture to escape.

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Pactiv is Active

Qualifying as an air barrier is Pactiv GreenGuard's new MAX Building Wrap. It provides extremely high water and air resistance that exceed industry requirements. The barrier is suitable for residential and commercial applications. Rolls are available in 9-by-100-, 9-by-150-, and 10-by-150-foot lengths.

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Fortify Your Homes

Billed as the industry's first hybrid housewrap, the Weather Tex by Fortifiber uses a layering of the company's Super Jumbo Tex 60-minute building paper over the WeatherSmart polymeric housewrap. The system forms a weather-resistive barrier perfect for use under stucco.

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Riders on the Storm

Made specifically for high-wind areas where impact resistance is a key design element, Typar's StormWrap is a fiber-reinforced wrap strong enough to maintain integrity of the building envelope. It combines the company's traditional housewrap formula with the extra fibrous materials that provide extra protection against wind-borne projectiles. The product meets the standards of the Florida Building Code.

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All Wrapped Up

Installing just like typical OSB wall sheathing is Georgia-Pacific's Nautilus. The wall sheathing panels feature a pre-applied weather-resistive barrier and tape using the similarly-named Nautilus 3-inch wide seam tape. The installation process is faster, according to Georgia-Pacific, thanks to the visible nailing guidelines and the elimination of a two-step sheathing/building wrap installation.

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Vapor Foiled

The multipurpose Flash & Foil by Fi-Foil combines the company's VR Plus Shield reflective insulation with spray foam insulation. According to Fi-Foil, the combination of foam and reflective air space effectively addresses all the modes of heat transfer. Flash & Foil can also function as a vapor retardant by specifying the standard or non-perforated version of VR Plus Shield.

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Spray 'N' Seal

Spray-applied Sealection Agribalance by Demilec USA goes on as a liquid then expands up to 120 times its size to stuff every nook and cranny and stop air infiltration and noise. It has a non-toxic spray foam formula that, according to Demilec, has undergone extensive testing and meets the intent of all building code requirements.

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