ProBuilder Product Report: New Products

Brand spankin' new products from Crossvile, DryJoist and more.
August 31, 2008

Stayin’ Dry

You’ve seen deck drainage systems, but not one that has the surface boards supported by the same structural design to create a waterproof deck joist support system. Both the company and product go by the DryJoist name. The underside of DryJoist creates a flat surface that can be painted. And because it’s made with marine-grade aluminum, the drainage system won’t deteriorate. For FREE information, visit   

Don’t Cross These

Created by color forecaster Barbara Schirmeister, Crossville’s new Echo glass tiles are made from 30 to 50 percent recycled materials. The tiles have a great luminescent quality and are available in 15 colors with clear, frosted and iridescent finishes. The tiles are made in five sizes and can be used for walls, countertops and even floors. For FREE information, visit  

Strength and Stability

Made with new automated grading techniques, iLevel by Weyerhaeuser’s Framer Series are made to remain straight and true long after installation. The boards are labeled crown-up to remove guesswork on-site. For FREE information, visit  

Eco-Friendly Garages

Featuring the Verde and Traditional Panel collections, Overhead Door’s latest EcoBuilt Collection garage doors sport a minimum SCS-certified 88 percent recycled content. The doors also resist warping, cracking and bending. For FREE information, visit  


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