ProBuilder Product Report: New Products

Check out a sample of the newest products available from Starrett, Clopay and more.
By By Nick Bajzek, Products Editor | January 31, 2008

Staring Isn't Polite

Take the guesswork out of your measurements and still do it the old-fashioned way. The new ProSite CP505A-12 Combination Protractor by Starrett provides fast, direct readings for miter cuts; single cuts and compound cuts (with conversions for cutting crown molding); exact angle/supplemental angles; and roof pitch references.

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Green the Garage

Clopay is introducing a new double-wall honeycomb ¼-inch thick polycarbonate window panel option for its residential Avante Collection doors. Billed as a green choice, the material used in the doors is durable and lightweight. Doors are made in both clear and bronze-tinted finishes.

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Hands Off!

Homeowners will love the hands-free operation of Symmons' new Ultra-Sense S-6050 Series Sensor Activated Faucet. The S-6050 is battery-powered with self-adjusting infrared microchip technology. It features a 10-second factory-set cycle time and will "time out" by automatically shutting off if the sensor is blocked. It is made for single-hole or 4-inch center installations with a solid brass deck plate.

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Sealin' in the Flavor

Keeping things nice and tight around the seams is Dow's Window & Door 1000 Sealant. It is specifically formulated to seal window and door framework as well as exterior and interior trim and finish joints. Plus, it works with most building materials. It is moisture- and mildew-resistant and contains a non-yellowing formula and rust-inhibitor that reduces the potential for corrosion at joint seals with metal components.

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Tools From "The Good Land"

The 2401-22 sub-compact driver by Milwaukee delivers a beefy 100 pounds of torque per inch in a mere 2 pound package. It's powerful enough to drive 130 3-inch screws in a single battery charge and provides the speed (0–500 RPM) to finish jobs faster.

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Certainly, My Dear

You can't beat real cedar — but you can at least look like it. CertainTeed's CedarBoards XL insulated siding is 16'8" long and is made in a double 6-inch clapboard profile with extruded polystyrene insulation. The boards are molded from real cedar planks and have a rough texture.

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Delta Force

The new Jobox Industrial Slope Lid Chest from Delta Consolidated Industries features the Site-Vault security system to keep sticky fingers out with the company's 3-point lock design. The lock hooks in from the side, making it nearly impossible to be bent or pried out. The box has a taller sloped lid that converts to a work table.

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What a Relief

Decorative backsplashes are all the rage in the kitchen, and Fraser Clay Works has two new offerings in the 1 by 112-foot grape and vineyard high-relief wall murals. The company, which also produces decorative borders, trims, inserts, decorative and field tiles, says the murals complement travertine, marble, limestone, slate and other natural materials.

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Keep Creepy Crawlies Out

Builders looking to score some eco-points can now look to Bor-Ram from Sostram for termite pre-treatment programs. The treatment is a new glycol-borate termiticide, insecticide, fungicide concentrate. Bor-Ram also controls of other types of critters, insects and decay fungi. It only requires a few gallons of diluted product per average application.

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