ProBuilder Product Report: Structural

Included in this issue are products from Dietrich, Weyerhaeuser and others.
By By Nick Bajzek | December 31, 2006


The Contour Track from Dietrich is a framing solution for non-load bearing curves, bends, variable radii and arches for ceilings, walls and bulkheads. Made of the company's UltraSteel, it bends or forms to the desired curve, radius or arch and holds with the company's ribbon technology. It can be used with wood or steel studs and is formed in 25 and 20-gauge steel. For free information, go to Dietrich's web site


The FrameRite connectors from MarinoWare are fashioned from cold-formed steel and include the three-piece Solid Blocking joist blocking that is an alternative to installing conventional clips and solid web members. The company's web stiffeners provide reinforcement of joist webs to prevent crippling and are installed on the outside of C-Joists. For free information, go to Marino/Ware's web site 


The iLevel TimberStrand LSL Beam from Weyerhaeuser is able to accommodate holes up to 4 5/8 inches in a 14-inch deep beam. The beam allows for drilling of multiple holes — the number of which is determined by the length of the beam and the size of the holes. Fewer elbows help provide a more direct flow of water in plumbing applications. The TimberStrand LSL beam comes in widths of 1¾ inches or 3½ inches. For free information visit Weyerhaeuser


The FiberBrace structural wall sheathing from Temple-Inland now includes 10-foot lengths along with its current 8- and 9-foot lengths. This extended length allows builders to apply FiberBrace sheathing from the bottom plate to the top of the upper floor joists without cutting or piecing on floors with 9-foot ceilings. It offers noise reduction and an insulation R-value of 1.22. For free information, visit Temple-Inland's web site

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