Ready or Not: Smart Home Trends at CES 2018

January 18, 2018
Photo: Pixabay

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, sleep tech was on the forefront of new smart home products and innovations, along with wireless kitchens, and a dodecahedron remote control.

According to Curbed, "sleep tech was back with a flourish at CES 2018," concluding, "the big-picture tease in this space is the vision that the massive amount of biometric data being collected—whether via fitness trackers or smart beds—can help improve personal and public health." For example, smart bed manufacturer Sleep Number analyzes billions of biometric data points in its SleepIQ platform, and claims the technology will be able to predict medical conditions such as sleep apnea, or a heart attack, monitor patient recovery, and identify epidemics as they spread.

This year, Nanoleaf, maker of modular, internet-connected light panels, debuted the Nanoleaf Remote, a palm-sized dodecahedron that works with Apple HomeKit. Each of the remote’s dozen sides can be programmed to launch a different command, be it a specific lighting scene created by the panels or settings for any HomeKit-compatible device, from locks and cameras to outlets and fans.

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