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By Robert Kneschke

The coronavirus may be making homebuyers wary, but renters are still looking for their next move. In RENTCafe’s second coronavirus survey, some renters are feeling a little more anxious, but over half still plan to move as soon as they find an apartment. Besides looking for something cheaper, most have not changed the kind of apartment they want or are considering adding on a roommate to lessen the costwhich might not be the best move while the country practices social distancing. Read more to find out the full survey results.

These past few weeks have raised new worries and posed new challenges for everyone, including renters. But for many who are in-between homes, the greatest concern remains finding one.

Between March 25th and 27th, RENTCafé ran a survey to find out how renters deal with moving during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. In light of recent stay-at-home directives imposed throughout the nation and a rising number of confirmed cases, a majority of about 7,000 people surveyed on appear to hold on tight to their original moving plans. Most respondents expressed their intent to go on with finding a new rental and moving, and are not altering their rental searches or preferences. But a sense of added caution does exist, as the survey also revealed a rise in the demand for virtual property tours and a slight increase in those looking for a cheaper apartment.

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