Research Findings for Builder Window & Door Preferences

Our research found that energy efficiency is the top factor for window selection; brand is king for doors

By By Mike Beirne, Senior Editor | March 23, 2015
pie chart illustrating Professional Builder window and door research findings

Perhaps the utility of a quality energy-efficient window is being better appreciated by homebuyers. The percentage of builders and architects in Professional Builder’s Windows and Doors Survey who indicated that more than half of their customers traded up from standard to better window options increased more than 9 percent compared with last year’s survey. 

Almost two-thirds of respondents are specifying the same number of windows per home as they did three years ago. More than a third of builders and architects said that their projects call for 10 to 15 windows followed by 23 percent who average more than 25 windows for each house. As with last year’s poll, almost two-thirds of respondents indicated that the average size of window units was unchanged compared with the past three years.

The reputation of door suppliers is the top factor in selecting that product, and manufacturers are picking up on home design trends such as contemporary and minimalist styles, and rooms with bold color schemes. The door as a design feature for the production builder now includes looks that are cleaner and simpler, with geometric designs. 

“We’re a fast follower of those things,” said Mark Savan, president of door manufacturer Therma-Tru. “We’re not going to be the fashion leaders, but we’ll take those cues. There are underlying trends out there that we take notice of.”



This survey was distributed between Jan. 28 and Feb. 9, 2015, to a random sample of Professional Builder’s print and digital readers. No incentive was offered. By closing date, a total of 274 eligible readers completed the survey. Respondent breakdown by discipline: 30.2 percent diversified builder/remodeler; 29.4 percent custom home builder; 14 percent architect/designer engaged in home building; 7.9 percent production builder for move-up/move-down buyers; 4.9 percent multifamily; 3.8 percent luxury production builder; 1.2 percent production builder for first-time buyers; 0.4 percent manufactured, modular, log home, or systems builder; and 8.3 percent other. Approximately 61.8 percent of respondents sold one to five homes in 2014, and 10.6 percent sold more than 50 homes.



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