Robots, Amazon’s Alexa, And Smart Laundry Machines Highlight Home Tech Trends

January 13, 2017

At CES 2017 last week, several manufacturers unveiled voice-activated robots that can help around around the house. Appliance giants such as Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG unveiled teched-out washers and dryers that will save time doing laundry.

Jenny Xie of Curbed attended the show and named a few smart home trends to watch for this year.

Amazon’s AI voice assistant, Alexa, has been integrated into a myriad of devices, from fridges to cars. One-button solutions are also becoming popular.

There’s Senic, a palm-size button for controlling music and lighting; Flic, a candy-size device that works with over 40 apps; Knocki, a small device that turns any surface into a touch surface for moderating lighting, temperature, and more; ... and Puck, another small button that attaches to any infrared remote-controlled device and makes it operable via an app.

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