Rooftop Decks Are All The Rage

May 13, 2016

There are traditional decks, traditional patios, pavilions, and spaces that look like someone took an indoor room, knocked down the walls, and plopped it into the backyard. But the backyard, the most traditional space for an outdoor room or deck, has some competition now. Rooftop decks are quickly becoming the new must-have amenity for 2016. As MarketWatch reports, rooftop deck additions have been accelerating for the past couple of years and builders have found that placing a deck on the roof of a home, especially one that maximizes views of the surrounding area, Is a great way to attract buyers and beat the competition.

While rooftop decks have been around for a while, they had some inherent problems associated with them that kept them from being more widespread. The flat roof was prone to leaking and causing trouble for the homeowner, but now, modern decks have better sealing and are integrated into the design of the house much better, which helps to eliminate some of these problems.

Rooftop decks are especially popular, and practical, in high-density areas were lots might not be big enough to accommodate an outdoor space otherwise. Additionally, they work best when there is something to see from the roof, such as a lake, ocean, or skyline.

While residential rooftop decks often act as an extension of the indoor living space with amenities like appliances, televisions, and plenty of seating, commercial buildings are also hopping on the rooftop deck bandwagon, only, the amenities they feature are typically different and less of a room and more of a communal gathering space. Many commercial buildings are adding things like dog-walking parks, pools with waterfalls, and basketball courts.

However, adding a rooftop deck to a home isn’t cheap. It can cost about $25,000 for a basic deck while one with an integrated kitchen or bar can easily top $50,000. While that is a lot, the good news is that it is estimated that rooftop decks add about $30,000 to $50,000 in value, meaning an addition of about six percent to eight percent to the valuation of the home. Rooftop decks can also help to move a home about 50 percent faster. And, like with any other outdoor space, they do best in markets that have climates that allow for the space to be enjoyed year round.

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