Samsung 'Going All in' on Internet of Things 'Ecosystem'

January 10, 2018
Samsung product
Photo: Pexels

Speaking at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung executives reaffirmed that all of the company’s products will be Internet of Things (IoT)-compatible by 2020, and that currently, 90 percent already are.

Tim Baxter, president and CEO of Samsung’s North American division, says the goal is to create an “ecosystem of devices working together to produce unique experiences.” Samsung is also working with the largest IoT standardization body in the world, the Open Connectivity Foundation, to have all SmartThings-compatible products work with the app, Fortune reports. 

Samsung plans to use its existing SmartThings app to ensure that those devices can all talk to each other. The company promised that the initiative would debut in the spring. Samsung has previously tried and failed to make its ecosystem more connected. To ensure this effort is more successful, Baxter said, the company has invested $14 billion in research and development over the past year.

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