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Samsung Electronics has launched a revolutionary FlexWash + FlexDry laundry pair that incorporates the capabilities of two washers and two dryers into one versatile system.

Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show, the pair gives home buyers more choices to do laundry the way they want, in all types of situations.

“Everyone has different clothes and different ways of caring for them,” says Seo Byung-Sam, president of home appliances at Samsung Electronics. “Finally, FlexWash + FlexDry is a laundry system that fits any need, all at once. We are striving to give consumers the freedom and flexibility to adjust the laundry process for the way they live, not the other way around.”

Each machine has two distinct compartments: The FlexWash front-loader offers 5 cubic feet of capacity to handle normal or bulky loads, but it also has a FlexWash top-loader that adds another cubic foot of capacity to wash smaller loads separately from the main load. Users may operate both washers at the same time with different settings.

“To dry fabrics, FlexDry has the ability to tackle large laundry loads with the added flexibility to dry a few delicate items at the same time,” the company says. “Users can lay clothes flat in the unique Delicate Rack zone at the top of the dryer and gently dry delicates with a controlled, heated air flow.”

The special zone adjusts the heat between room temperature and 95 degrees F automatically depending on the type of fabric being dried. The main dryer compartment also uses MultiSteam technology to freshen and disinfect clothes while reducing odors and wrinkles.

FlexWash does not require two separate water lines, features transparent glass on the top-load compartments that makes it easy to check on laundry cycles, and connected smart features that will allow users to control the FlexWash + FlexDry machines with their smartphone using the Samsung Smart Home app.

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