San Diego Will Enhance Street Lighting System With 3,200 Smart Sensors

April 24, 2017

Part of San Diego’s plan to upgrade its 14,000 city lights includes deploying 3,200 GE Current CityIQ sensor nodes throughout the city.

Forbes reports that the sensors will have capabilities that include gunshot detection, smart parking, air quality sensing, and vehicle and pedestrian monitoring.

The project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, will save the city $2.4 million a year in energy costs.

Using street lighting networks as multi-application platforms remains a rarity among major cities.

Today, deploying and managing a connected street lighting network is challenge enough for many lighting and public works departments. They need to ensure this upgrade goes smoothly and that real benefits are provided to the city in terms of cost savings and an improved lighting services. In this context, implementing additional sensor applications is not a priority.

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