Seal the Deal: Insulation and Housewrap

Insulation and housewrap products featured from Icynene, Fomo Products, Todol and Fi-Foil.
By Staff | April 30, 2009

Todol Duo-Fill 400 Two-Part Urethane Foam Sealant.
Stuck Like White on Rice

Eliminating dispensing guns, hoses and connections that can loosen and create a hassle on the job site, Todol Duo-Fill 400 Two-Part Urethane Foam Sealant adheres well to most construction materials and offers multiple starts and closures. Seal it up and get out. It provides a chemical cure in one minute that is unaffected by weather. This labor-saving, 13 oz., two-part can-inside-a-can dynamically expands to 3.5 gals of foam sealant. For FREE information, click here.

Fomo Products' Handi-Foam
A Handy Little Friend

Designed specifically to stop air infiltration and enhance traditional insulation, Fomo Products' Handi-Foam is indeed handy as it coats and covers seams and small holes in the perimeter of stud cavities, over OSB and other potential infiltration areas. It cures and is completely tack-free within 30 to 45 seconds. That's fast! For FREE information, click here

Fi-Foil M-Shield Reflective Insulation

Shiny Barriers

You have to starve mold of its food source before you can even begin to get rid of it. Fi-Foil had this in mind with the M-Shield Reflective Insulation for masonry walls. The perforated, breathable design and paperless construction mean your homeowners have little to fear from those pesky microbes. The insulation has a Class-A flammability rating and meets or exceeds the IBC. For FREE information, click here

Icynene's LD-R-50 foam insulation
Seal Up LEED Points

You've heard of their spray foam, and here's the next generation. Icynene's LD-R-50 is a renewable-based foam insulation and air barrier material that is responsibly made using castor oil and offers numerous environmental benefits. A big plus is that castor oil has been used in place of a portion of the petroleum-based polyol. Three cheers for green attributes! For FREE information, click here. 


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