This Smart Bulb Reset Process Is Not So ‘Smart’

June 24, 2019
An simple incandescent light bulb is less complicated to use than new smart-home products
Photo: Unsplash/ Ashes Sitoula

GE’s video guide to resetting its smart light bulbs showcases the fatal flaw of many smart home products: They’re too complicated, CNBC reports.

GE begins to explain how to reset the bulbs. It requires turning the bulb on and off several times for a specific number of seconds. The narrator’s voice is both soothing and forceful as he repeats “Turn off for two seconds. Turn on for eight seconds.” It sounds like a meditation guide.

The video perfectly illustrates why some people are turned off by smart homes: because you need to keep everything updated, including things like light bulbs that can otherwise be operated with the simple flick of a switch.

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