The 'Smart-Healthy' Home

January 22, 2019
Stack of smart devices
Photo: Unsplash/Hal Gatewood

In spring 2019, Los Angeles-based home builder KB Home will begin offering local homebuyers Darwin, a smart home add-on that functions as a "wellness brain for the home.”

Darwin is the brainchild of New York-based tech startup Delos, which has already raised more than $200 million to develop "wellness real estate." Delos Founder and CEO Paul Scialla explains, “[Darwin] is meant to take the conversation of smart home into smart-healthy,” says Scialla. “A home is not smart if it is not healthy.” The platform's software and hardware monitor air quality, lighting, and water filtration. KB Home intends to roll out the Darwin add-on nationally in the future; the deal is the first for Delos with a volume builder in the U.S., Forbes reports.

The platform uses a combination of hardware and software to monitor and control air quality, water filtration and circadian lighting. Input your sleep schedule on the app and Darwin will automatically adjust your home’s lighting to mimic the rising and setting sun to help regulate your energy levels. Meanwhile, sensors measure allergens and other harmful substances in the air and kick filtration systems into overdrive if levels become too high. In the future Delos plans to integrate kitchen appliances, bathroom scales and other smart home or wearable devices. 

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