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The maker of the Ecobee3 thermostat says it’s the only unit on the market that truly senses whether anyone’s home and which rooms are occupied and adjusts the comfort based on the readings.

“Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in only one room, but are supposed to deliver comfort in all rooms,” the company writes. “Ecobee3 room sensors deliver the right temperature in the rooms that matter most.”

Using sensors placed in different rooms, the system senses whether anyone is home or which rooms are occupied, so it delivers comfort when residents are there and saves energy and money when they’re not.

The thermostat features a 3.5-inch full-color LCD touchscreen and is able to read temperature in multiple locations, solving for uneven temperatures in the rooms that matter most. Wi-Fi connectivity lets homeowners monitor and control the temperature from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Moreover, the company says ecobee3 saves homeowners an average of 23 percent per year.