Social Media Is Trending in D.C. Homebuying

October 3, 2017
Social media apps
Photo: Pixabay

Buying a home can be overwhelming. It is one of the biggest financial choices most people may make, and largest emotional investments in their future. Fortunately, advances in technology are easing the process.

The Washington Post recently analyzed homebuying trends in the hyper-competitive D.C. area, and how social media is reshaping three particular aspects: word of mouth, the home search, and filtering buyer specifications for real estate agents. Instagram and Facebook are increasingly being used for marketing and listing properties, and to rank the best local agents and neighborhoods available.

The Internet has alleviated some of the more time-consuming aspects of the homebuying process. Buyers and their agents can now streamline the process by researching potential homes online first and then conducting in-person visits only to those properties they are serious about purchasing. More recently, social media and mobile applications have simplified the home-buying process even further, with features designed to help buyers and their agents filter out homes that don’t match their criteria.

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