Solar Is Now Standard for This Roofing Giant

January 17, 2019
Rooftop shingles
Photo: Unsplash/Ron Whitaker

The largest roofing manufacturing company in the world, Standard Industries, is going solar. Its launch of solar startup GAF Energy "aims to revolutionize the adoption of rooftop solar for everyday consumers."

GAF Energy will work with local contractors to install the panels, which lay flush to the roof "like skylights," Curbed reports. The rectangular-shaped glassy panels are fashioned to blend in with the rooftop, while still appearing like typical solar panels. "Tesla’s solar shingles they are not, but then again, at least they’re ready," writes Liz Stinson. GAF is also focusing on the permitting and financing process to make solar an "easy choice" for homeowning Americans.

Solar roofs come with a straightforward barrier to entry: You have to install the dang things. But what if you were getting work done on your roof anyway? Might as well install solar panels, right? In terms of numbers, it makes a lot of sense. According to Standard Industries, around five million homes are re-roofed every year, but only 300,000 of those homeowners opt to install solar panels. The company sees this as an opportunity. “GAF Energy can now give those customers a simple option: a roof or a solar roof,” Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy, told Fast Company.

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