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Photo: courtesy Veev

Amit Haller completed a 78-unit development in San Jose, Calif., within 90 days.

The project was for temporary emergency housing with a community kitchen and pantry, so it’s not directly comparable with a typical three-bedroom, two-bath house, but the CEO and cofounder of Veev says the company is among startups that are dissecting stick-built construction and cutting out inefficiencies to create a different case for home building.

Veev reimagined the process to cut out unnecessary outsourcing, making it completely in-house. Those efficiencies have led to the company being able to install a fully complete wall in just 30 minutes with only five team members.

Through proprietary design and off-site fabrication, Veev manufactures walls that are framed with steel, waterproofed, and finished with other high-performance materials. The walls are built with a fully closed and cladded panel system that includes all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing to be ready for assembly at arrival on site.

Haller says that he was able to make all of those efficiencies, and at the same time, increase quality. This article goes into more details about the new materials and the process innovation behind Veev’s speed, including 3D printing and replacing traditional materials.

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