STFD: Style the Front Door

May 3, 2018
Front door with cactus
Photo: Unsplash/Al Nik

Whether one's home is from a specific period, is traditional, eclectic, modern, on the beach, or in the country, the front door sends a strong message.

Selecting a front door means making a host of design choices including color, style of house numbers and door knockers, lighting, and matching door mats. For a modern or contemporary home style, chartreuse is a trendy color, but for a country cottage, rose quartz with matte metals might be key, according to Drew Henry of Design Dudes says to focus on a doormat with a country style, "Get something oversized and sturdy, and accessorize with a pair of tall boots, which looks cute and may encourage messier guests to take off their shoes."

You've decorated the foyer and your back patio. Dishes are carefully styled on open shelves. Curated trays are arranged in the living room and master bath. Your house's makeover, for all intents and purposes, is complete. Or is it? You might just be missing the first (and arguably most important) thing your guests will see: the front door. This hot spot is your landing pad for family and friends, so your goal is to create a beautiful entry that makes a statement, while still being fully cohesive with your home's design.

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