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Created by Long Island City, N.Y., design studio Rux, Stickbulb blends the simplicity of wood beams and the versatility of LEDs into a sleek, highly customizable lighting system.

The basic building block of Stickbulb, a 1- to 6-foot wooden beam with imbedded LED lights, can be combined and configured into a range of fixtures and forms. Standard fixtures include portable torch lamps made with single or multiple Stickbulb beams, marionette-like pendants and chandeliers, and vertical and horizontal sconces.

In addition, Stickbulb’s adaptability and material options allow for an endless array of custom designs, from chandeliers in intricate geometric shapes to tables to lighted sculpture.  

Stickbulb comes in four species: maple, walnut, and ebonized oak, all sustainably harvested in the United States, and Southern yellow pine salvaged from old construction sites in New York and Connecticut.