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New York-based lighting manufacturer Stickbulb has added to its collection of products with a new wood interpretation of a chandelier.

Designed by RUX, the founding creative team behind Stickbulb, Chime is a playful reinterpretation of a classic chandelier, the company says.

“If a tree and a chandelier had a baby… it would look something like Chime,” says RUX founder and Stickbulb co-founder Russell Greenberg. “It has the mass, presence, and sumptuous form of a traditional crystal chandelier but with a completely different structural and material intelligence. Instead of light refracting through crystals, it emanates from wood, like a glowing tree trunk.”

2 Stickbulb Chime Ebonized Oak

Originally designed as a custom, one-off project for a client, Chime is now an official part of the Stickbulb collection. Unique to Chime is a ball joint connector that allows each unit 360 degrees of rotation within its socket, as well as the ability to sway in a gentle breeze. The flexible joint is the first of its kind for Stickbulb, which historically has made fixtures with rigid connection points and angular geometries.

“After seven years of playing with rigid connectors, it felt like it was time to loosen up a bit,” says Greenberg.

Chime mades its debut at ICFF in May in a 10-foot-tall unit made out of reclaimed redwood from a recently demolished water tower atop Brooklyn, New York’s first skyscraper. But the unit comes in three different diameters—20 inches, 28 inches, and 36 inches—and can be specified with a variety of bulb lengths.

3 Stickbulb Chime shown in Heart Pine from a demolished factory building in New York close up

“They can be hung individually, clustered together to form dynamic, room-filling installations, or nested into cascading forms up to 12 feet long,” the company says.

Like other products in the Stickbulb collection, Chime is available in a variety of wood types, including reclaimed heart pine and NYC water tower redwood, sustainably sourced American walnut and maple, and ebonized oak. The ring is made from powder-coated steel in a matte black finish and the ball-joint is available in polished nickel or brass.

1 Stickbulb Chime Heart Pine From a demolished factory building in New York and weathered boards from a decimated boardwalk and wood from the trunk of a fallen Maple tree


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