Suburban Counties Are Expected To Lead The Nation In Economic Growth

August 4, 2017

The two counties directly north of Dallas and Fort Worth, Denton and Collin County, are expected to have the strongest economic growth over the next five years, according to a forecast by Oxford Economics. Both Texas counties are slated to have 4 percent compound annual growth rates.

CBS News reports that suburban counties will prosper as Millennials move away from cities in the coming years. The site ranked the nine counties that are projected to have the highest economic growth, and six of them are in the suburbs.

"You see the nature of the economy changing," said Matthew Mowell, senior economist at Oxford Economics. "When you're making a real estate play, you're trying to gauge what kind of cash flows are you going to see. When you buy a building, it's a localized decision, and having the county data can make a difference."

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