Suburbia Is Evolving Beyond Chain Restaurants And Shopping Malls

New trends are making some aspects of a suburban lifestyle passé

March 6, 2017

To attract young talent, major corporations are packing up from the suburbs and heading to the city.

Business Insider reports that the American suburbs as we know them are dying. Retail shopping malls are closing up due to the popularity of online commerce, golf courses are closing, highways are crumbling, and cooking meals at home has supplanted eating out at casual dining restaurants.

Giant companies such as McDonald's, ConAgra Foods, General Electric, and UBS have left their suburban headquarters and relocated to downtown areas in large cities.

"In the past several years, a handful of America's largest corporations have joined a mass exodus from their suburban headquarters to new home bases in the city, and millennials seem to be the driving force," wrote Business Insider's Chris Weller.


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