Tesla And SolarCity Reveal New Inconspicuous Solar Roofs

The photovoltaic-integrated roofs match common shingle or tile styles

October 31, 2016

Tesla and SolarCity, two entities headed by Elon Musk, unveiled their new solar roof last week, installing it on homes on Universal Studios' "Wisteria Lane" in California.

CNBC reports that the solar roofs look exactly like traditional roofs. Tesla has a few varieties, such as terra cotta tiles and French slate, designed to match common roof shingle or tile styles. The company, though, says that its photovoltaic-integrated roofs will last longer and provide better insulation while generating electricity.

Musk also introduced the Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 products, both of which double the capacity of previous models. A single Powerwall 2 unit, which sells for $5,500, is enough to power the fridge, lights and electrical sockets in a four-bedroom house for a day. With a panel, he added, it can power one indefinitely.

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