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Based out of Carrollton, Texas, home building startup Onx is bringing its services to Austin, where it hopes to deliver new housing stock in less than 60 days. Onx has been producing homes in Florida with a construction turnaround of under two months, and with its patented technology called "X+ Construction," the company hopes to further reduce its production timelines.

All of Onx’s home components are built off-site and delivered to the jobsite for easy assembly once completed, and the company says its manufacturing process requires 50% less labor than traditional construction, KVUE reports.

“Our mission is to completely transform the single-family home market by combining pioneering proprietary technology, with a customer-centric design to deliver new construction homes at market price with unmatched quality and speed,” said Ash Bhardwaj, president and CEO of Onx Homes.

According to the ABJ report, Onx's goal is to have the home-building turnaround be 30 days. The company has completed 300 homes in southern Miami-Dade County and hopes to start building homes in Texas sometime in 2023.

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