Texas Housing Development Is Designed To Withstand Disasters And Nuclear Attacks

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January 05, 2017

Sometimes a double-gated community just isn’t safe enough.

Curbed reports that Trident Lakes, a 700-acre planned community near Dallas, is designed to function self-sufficiently in the event of a natural disaster or nuclear attack. The community is set behind 12-foot concrete walls and equipped with underground bunkers. A private security force keeps guard.

The development, which is expected to cost $320 million to complete, isn’t all doom and gloom. It has plenty of high-end housing options and amenities, including lagoons, spas, shops, and a golf course.

“The unique thing about Trident Lakes is that unlike other prepper-type properties, this is going to be a sustainable community that for all appearances, looks like a 5-star resort,” says communications director Richie Whitt. “This is not first-come, first-served. People will be turned away from Trident Lakes. We’ll hand-pick a community best-equipped to survive.”

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