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Americans relocated in mass numbers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for affordability, increased living space, and improvements to overall wellbeing. In a post-pandemic world hyperfixated on health and wellness, states like Massachusetts, Hawaii, and New Jersey are proving to be safe havens for residents looking to improve their quality of life. A new study released by Sharecare, a digital health company, in partnership with the Boston University School of Public Health, Massachusetts, reveals that Massachusetts dominates across the board on measures of wellbeing like healthcare access, resource access, community, and housing and transportation, Fortune reports.

Overall, the United States scored a 60.9 out of 100 for total wellbeing, a slight increase from 60.5 in 2020 likely due to the effective rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and a return to community and socialization after years of lockdowns and quarantine restrictions.

“When we talk about wellbeing in the context of the Community wellbeing Index, what we’re really talking about is the way people perceive their health status, their relationships to people and communities,” explains Dr. Michael Rickles, vice president of research at Sharecare. “And we’re also thinking about the social determinant context, which may shape some of those opportunities for feeling healthier and feeling connected.”

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