These States Had The Largest Net Migration Gains In 2014

April 13, 2016

The grass is always greener on the other side. And for anyone who has become disenchanted with his or her current home state’s harsh winters, high cost of living, or political climate, that green grass on the other side can grow into a regular Emerald City. But which states in particular found themselves at the end of a yellow brick road, with increasing numbers of incoming populations? The Economists’ Outlook blog, using migration data from the Internal Revenue Service, answered that very question.

According to the numbers, in 2014, at least, the Great and Powerful Oz resided in Texas. The Lone Star state had the largest net migration in the country with 231,164 more people moving in compared to those who moved out. The largest influx camefrom California. A total of 71,321 people migrated from California to Texas in 2014. Many of these Californians who abandoned ship in 2014 were trying to escape the incredibly high housing costs associated with living in areas such as San Jose and San Francisco. Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Illinois were other big sources of migration into Texas, as well.

Speaking of Florida, the Sunshine State had the second largest net migration as 115,721 people moved in compared to those who moved out. The largest source of migration to Florida came from New York, as 56,843 people made the trek down the east coast. Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey also saw substantial out-migration.

South Carolina was third on the list for net migration gains, with 30,355 of the majority of people coming from North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Other migration winners included Washington, Arizona, North Carolina, and Colorado.

For a full list of each state that experienced a net migration gain and to see breakdowns of where these gains came from, follow the link below.

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