Tips For Adding Universal Design Renovations To Bathrooms, Kitchens, And Entryways

August 10, 2017

For aging adults with mobility concerns, even a two-inch step into the shower can be daunting. A zero-degree entrance is a good alternative. It not only accommodates wheelchairs, but also it looks sleek and modern.

NAHB Now offers Universal Design renovation strategies for five parts of the home, from kitchens to entryways.

Touchless faucets and replacing knobs with levers make it easier to turn water on and off, and motion-activated lighting keeps older adults out of the dark. Ramps, or even wider and deeper steps, aid mobility.

This is one a no-brainer. Adding grab bars in the bathroom, hallways, entrances and any other vulnerable places gives homeowners peace of mind. And you don’t even have to sacrifice aesthetics for security. “When we first started out everything was stainless steel,” said Ashley. “Now, they have slim designs with different finishes and they really look nice and ornamental.”

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