Top 10 turnaround towns for the second quarter

Phoenix, Oakland, Calif., and Boise, Idaho, are among the 10 housing markets that saw the biggest second-quarter improvement in both median list prices and for-sale inventories, according to data from

By HZ Editors | August 21, 2012
For the second straight quarter, Phoenix topped's Top Turnaround Tow

For the second straight quarter, Phoenix topped's Top Turnaround Towns list, which ranks 146 housing markets by both median list prices and for-sale inventories. Median list prices in Phoenix were up 29.7 percent in the second quarter compared to the same quarter in 2011 -- the largest increase in median list prices of all MSAs monitored by

When looking at aggregate data across all 146 MSAs, prices rose in almost 70 percent of the markets in the second quarter, while just 13 percent of the markets saw a price decline during the same period.'s Top Turnaround Towns for 2Q are:

  1. Phoenix-Mesa, Ariz.: +29.7 percent/-44.4 percent (% change in median list price/% change in inventory)
  2. Oakland, Calif.: +10.8 percent/-56.6 percent
  3. Miami: +19.4 percent/-33.2 percent
  4. Boise City, Idaho: +19.6 percent/-29.6 percent
  5. San Jose, Calif.: +12.0 percent/-40.8 percent
  6. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, Wash.: +10.9 percent/-42.9 percent
  7. Bakersfield, Calif.: +7.6 percent/-49.3 percent
  8. San Francisco: +11.1 percent/-38.7 percent
  9. Fresno, Calif.: +6.7 percent/-48.7 percent
  10. Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Lompoc, Calif.: +16.6 percent/-31.1 percent

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