The Top 10 U.S. Markets for Flipping

October 14, 2019
Image from Jay Park from Pixabay

There is a mantra in real estate flipping that investors really make money when they buy property, not when they sell it.'s bargain-happy economics team found America's hottest real estate markets for investors, the cities where the highest percentages of home sales are for flipping or renting out, usually after a rehab. They tend to be more modestly priced cities in the Midwest and South, areas that have a larger selection of older, lower-priced homes, strong economies, and population growth creating demand for housing.

"Most of these midsized cities have strong job growth and lower home prices and a more relaxed lifestyle attracting Millennial," says senior economist George Ratiu of

St. Louis was the top market for flippers with an abundance of older, lower-prices homes in need of an update with some fixer-uppers starting as low as $15,000. To see other markets with a good supply of single-family homes priced on the low side …

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