The Top Interior Design Trends by State

July 24, 2019
industrial loft
Photo: Unsplash/Aaron Huber

Industrial design replaced farmhouse style and minimalism as the most popular trend in several states across the U.S., reports.

The industrial aesthetic, known for its exposed brick and unfinished floors and cabinetry, is the most popular interior design style in the nation, according to a recent report from furniture company Joybird. The factory-chic style was tops in 12 states from across the country.

The report looked at the most-searched-for interior design trends in each state. The findings were based on Google Trends data from June 2018 through May 2019.

But tastes definitely varied across the country. In the South, shabby chic, modern farmhouse, and rustic style reigned supreme. Vintage, which incorporates older pieces with more modern ones, was big in the Northeast. Meanwhile, industrial was the most-searched-for style in the Midwest, and it tied with modernism in the West.

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