Tops in Home Tech

May 3, 2019
A new study ranks the most popular home technology features
Photo: Mark Tegethoff/Unsplash

A new study ranks the most popular home technology features among recent and prospective homebuyers, and products offering security and comfort came out on top.

Above all other products, security cameras took the number one spot in the National Association of Home Builders' study, as 46 percent of buyers want this smart home feature most. Twenty-one percent of homeowners surveyed already have security cameras. As well, the programmable thermostat was one of the most popular features, as 44 percent of buyers want one, and 41 percent of recent buyers already have one in their home (the highest "currently have" share in the study).

Three of the four most wanted features are security-related: along with a security camera, a video doorbell and a wireless home security system are wanted by at least 40 percent of home buyers. However, at most 21 percent of homebuyers currently have any one of these technology features installed, indicating that there is market growth potential for these items. 

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