Trendy Luxury Home Features That Are Most Likely To Disappear In 20 Years

January 27, 2017

As technology advances, homes may start to set aside a 6x6-foot room for virtual reality entertainment and forgo a 1,000-square foot home theater.

BloombergPursuits named four luxury home trends that could very well fade away within 20 years. VR could cause the death of big movie screening rooms, and driverless cars could make garages obsolete. Elaborate kitchens may not be necessary when food services like Blue Apron and Amazon Prime reduce the need for food storage, and 3D printing creates houseware on demand.

Sprawling master suites were once the ultimate trophy asset in a luxury home, but recent developments have begun replacing the open-plan, loft-like rooms with a complex of private chambers, jigsawed together around a smaller, cozy space that’s home solely to a bed.

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