Try These Tips to Elevate Your Housing Portfolio

November 15, 2019
Light Bulb Idea Design
Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay

Balancing the design of single houses with the overall streetscape is one classic challenge builders face. Considering regional styles, offering more style variety within set boundaries, and linking design elements with plans can give clients more options to choose from while giving builders a map to follow to create a diverse yet cohesive look in the neighborhood.   

How do we combat The Big Squeeze in housing?

Home buyers want more but have less to spend. On the other hand, costs ranging from regulations, land, and labor, are rising. Last week, we examined where builders can avoid excessive costs in order to deliver a stunning home at the right price. This week, we’ll look at the bigger picture and go into how to design a streetscape without letting our costs get out of control.


Your elevation choices should be influenced by the region you are building in. From there, your roof pitch and budget should narrow in on what you decide to build. In other words, if tile roofs aren’t in the budget, you should avoid Spanish and Mediterranean styles. When working with a shallow roof pitch, stick to styles that are enhanced by that!

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