The Ultimate High-Performance Home

September 27, 2019
 award-winning high-performance home example by Health-E Community Enterprises
Photo: courtesy EEBA

This award-winning home by Health-E Community Enterprises is just one example of the lessons builders will learn at this year's Energy and Environmental Building Alliance Summit.

This is the sixth year that EEBA will be hosting the DOE's Housing Innovation Awards at its annual Summit. The awards recognize builders who have pushed the envelope on the Path to Zero Energy Ready homes by showcasing projects that offer lessons for others builders. As such, the awards perfectly support EEBA's mission of educating the industry on how to design, build and sell high-performance homes.

An example of what attendees will see this year is a winner in the Large Custom Home category, a 4-bedroom, 4691 square foot zero energy home in Hampton, Virginia on a beach overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. It was built by Health-E Community Enterprises and in many ways represents the ultimate in high-performance: super-efficient, healthy, resilient and handicap accessible.

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