U.S. Continues To Make Steady, But Uneven, Gains In Recovery

June 23, 2016

According to The Wall Street Journal, about two-thirds of U.S. cities have rebounded from the Great Recession and are currently sitting at peak employment levels. That means higher wages, more disposable income, and more consumer spending.

While that is all good news, the recovery has not and is not happening equally around the country. The South and West regions of the U.S. continue to see the strongest growth. Meanwhile, areas such as Odessa, Texas, Decatur, Ill., and Dayton, Ohio are still yet to recover fully.

For many of the places that have recovered and reached their peak employment levels, much of the growth is spurred on by consumer spending in the new digital economy, and the gradual recovery in home construction is helping to.

To view how specific cities and metros have recovered, follow the link below.

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