U.S. Homes Continue To Swell In Size

June 3, 2016

Grab your gray sweat suit and brown back brace because homes in the United States seem to be on the “Pumping Up With Hans and Frans” workout plan seen in many a Saturday Night Live skit. U.S. homes continue to make visible gains in the size department and are now 61 percent bigger than they were 40 years ago.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the median size of a new single-family home is currently 2,467 square feet, the largest average on record. Homes are currently 11 percent larger than they were even just one decade ago.

Not only are homes getting larger, but they are also including more bathrooms and are stuffed with more amenities, such as air conditioning. In 2015, 93 percent of new houses had air conditioning, in 1975 only 46 percent of new homes had AC. Additionally, 96 percent of new homes have at least two bathrooms, a 36 percent increase over the 60 percent witnessed four decades earlier.

Rising along with the median size of homes, is the median price. The median price of a new home was $296,400 in 2015, which is a new high. Even after adjusting for inflation, new home prices still hit a record high last year.

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