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Explore how Buffington Homes got a jumpstart on the fiscal year despite blueprint challenges that posed potential delays. Using Higharc, Buffington quickly centralized data, created drawings, and accelerated planning to get ahead of a time-sensitive market opportunity.

Faster design cycle for new communities.

Additional revenue from increased home sales.

Cost reduction from third-party fees.

Design fast to increase end-of-year closings

Buffington Homes of Arkansas was looking to finish the year strong and set themselves up for success heading into 2024. When they found a finished lot development available for purchase, they faced a hurdle when the old developer’s blueprints were inconsistent with their current construction plans.

With Higharc, Buffington was able to quickly recreate detailed drawings of all the options and elevations needed to capitalize on a strategic opportunity and boost revenue.

Centralize and standardize to speed up plan creation

Buffington got started with Higharc in the fall of 2022. The first priority was to set up their central data engine in Higharc, which created a single source of truth for all the information on their plan sets. Once set up, Buffington was able to reduce repetitive manual work and accelerate their plan creation.

Rapid development
Rapid development: The Buffington team working on plan sets in Higharc.
By December 2022, Buffington was using Higharc to develop their plans.

Higharc’s Customer Success and Implementation teams partnered with Buffington to audit the original plans and cut down on unnecessary variations in design and materials from the original drawings. They set goals to be takeoff and estimate-ready by February 1st and sales-ready by March 1st, putting them on the fast track to a Q1 new development launch, and positioning the company to surpass their revenue goals for 2023.

Cutting plan time from months to weeks with Higharc

Being an agile builder means utilizing technology to manage the inevitable changes that occur in the building process. Once the key information was standardized and centralized, Buffington was able to reduce waste in the building process, speed their time to market, and increase revenue.

“We would never have considered this opportunity without Higharc… Higharc has allowed us to increase the number of choices, flex spaces, and details in the elevations that we offer.”

Ted Brock
President, Buffington Homes

By streamlining and automating with Higharc, Buffington Homes was able to:

  • Add $10M in revenue from increased home sales
  • Reduce costs from third-party fees by $100K
  • Cut soft cycle time down from 3 months to 3 weeks
  • Produce the first plan in only eight hours, including elevations and structural options
  • Complete three additional plans in just two weeks

Are you ready to run a more agile business like Buffington Homes? Reach out to learn how Higharc can transform your building operations with a generative design engine.

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