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The Future of Home Building and Residential Construction

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Liv-Connected homes can adapt and support a family’s changing needs, such as adding rooms based on occupancy level. Photo © Lifestyle Photography, courtesy Liv-Connected

The concept of the Liv-Connected Conexus Home came about with a goal of improving lives while delivering affordability, sustainability, and good design in a market that is inaccessible for many. Founded in 2019 by a team of experienced architects and a healthcare expert, the off-site building manufacturer is taking the commitment a step further by launching the Health Hub, providing homeowners with the resources to digital health devices and other market-tested health tools that optimize care at home.

The Liv-Connected team, spearheaded by Dr. Herb Rogove, co-founder and CEO of Liv-Connected, spent three years researching and developing new housing technologies with medical integrations. Working in partnership with WellAware Care, a software developer and distributor of digital health devices, Liv-Connected homeowners can add a health care package based on their needs, at the time of the build.

How Health Hub Works for the Home Buyer

“Suppose you have balance difficulties, a motor neurological condition, or an elderly parent,” Dr. Rogove explains. “You have the option to order an autonomous fall detection system that can be factory installed to blend in with the home.”

Liv-Connected Conexus Home exterior at night
The Conexus Home is built with cartridges and flat-pack components that standardize the processes of manufacturing and shipping. Photo courtesy Liv-Connected

Options for inclusion include, but are not limited to:

  • Sleep Monitoring. Monitoring sleep to ensure adequate rest is essential for brain and heart function. Liv-Connected’s technology partners can integrate a device under the mattress that can easily send data to a smart device and healthcare professional.
  • Blood Pressure Tracking. Normal blood pressure means a healthier heart. A Liv-Connected home has the ability to integrate technology to a tool that measures your blood pressure and links to a smart device.
  • Fall Detection. Accidental falls are a significant health issue for all ages, but when a fall occurs, recognizing the event by sensors as part of the home is not science fiction. Set-up by WellAware Care, a text message is sent to a care giver notifying them of a fall and the location.

The home also includes a unique focus on incorporating health-related tech to provide owners with secure, private, and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs. In answering a call for design submissions for disaster-relief housing, they ultimately produced a solution that could answer many of the challenges of the homebuilding market including material and labor shortages and limited housing inventory.

Constructing The Modular Conexus Home

With a rising demand for housing, a skilled labor shortage, and the market’s desire to live away from crowded cities, Liv-Connected is utilizing a novel approach to modular construction, leveraging thoughtful design and quality, and factory construction.

Modular home broken apart diagram
A Liv-Connected home can be configured in a multitude of ways. Image courtesy Liv-Connected

The Conexus Home by Liv-Connected is built with cartridges and flat-pack components that standardize the processes of manufacturing and shipping, while allowing for the pieces to be assembled in a multitude of configurations. Once the home arrives on site, Liv-Connected’s installation team can get to work installing the home or work with a homeowner’s chosen contractor.

Every Conexus home comes with installation instructions, similar to popular furniture companies. Typically, a tele-handler or forklift is required to assemble the home, and within hours, a Conexus home is ready for move in with finishes, fixtures, and appliances installed.

'Aging In Place' in a Liv-Connected Home

Liv-Connected homes can adapt and support a family’s changing needs. For example, a young couple buys a home with two bedrooms. In traditional homebuilding, they would then have to move to a bigger house when their family expands, or when aging parents join the household.

modular tiny home prototype interior bedroom and bathroom
Photos courtesy Liv-Connected

In this case, they can simply add units to the home, just like LEGO blocks to adjust to their changing needs.

Liv-Connected is ensuring every prospective homeowner can be eligible for financing. Liv-Connected also provides assistance in creating a tiny home that meets all local and state zoning code requirements and can be built on a homeowner’s land of choice. Relationships and partnerships with developers around the country also guarantee that Liv-Connected home buyers can receive assistance on purchasing land for their custom home.

For more information about Liv-Connected and its Health Hub options, visit