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It has long been acknowledged that color has the power to impact moods, feelings, and emotions. Homebuilders and design pros can tap into this psychology of color to promote feelings of well-being and contentment, providing clients with a sense of self and serving to freshen up any home, from a full room or wing to accent walls, trim, and furnishings. Sue Kim, Valspar Color Marketing Manager, shares this year’s inspiration, noting these fresh, durable paint colors are formulated with pros in mind. She says, “The 2023 palette sets out to restore and rejuvenate with ease. With Valspar’s 12 trend-worthy and forward-thinking colors, we are highlighting shades that are beautiful, livable, and will work in any space.”

To curate Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year, Valspar color experts have carefully matched each of its featured colors to a specific mood, affirming a tie-in between an underlying mindset or motivation with a complementary space. This new palette encapsulates the nuance of human emotion. As industry professionals are aware, paint is much more than background color, going beyond how a room looks and focusing equally on how it makes your customer feel, whether they’re seeking a sense of peace and calm (such as Green Trellis (5006-3C)) or an uplifting, joyful vibe (check out Holmes Cream (3004-10B)).

Kim says, “Homeowners are prioritizing areas of the home with paint to update their well-used spaces. By turning to nature-inspired design, this year’s collection is all about finding new comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle and rediscovering joy.” She adds, “The home should be a haven for positivity and lasting memories. The colors we choose for a living space should reflect those sentiments. When you help your client find the ideal color, everyone’s happy. Valspar’s seasoned color experts can guide homebuilding pros who paint to the perfect shade to enhance any space.”

Here are just a few examples of how the 2023 Colors of the Year palette matches color to mood, providing a new level of customer satisfaction on any homebuilding project:

Mood: Comfort | Color: Cozy White

Valspar 2023 Color of the Year Cozy White

The perfect fit for designing a relaxing bedroom or bathroom sanctuary, Cozy White (3008-10C) evokes feelings of warmth and security as it radiates with joy, light and tranquility. Soothing and comfortable, Valspar’s color experts liken it to being gently wrapped up in a soft blanket. “The warmth of this white creates a space that feels easy and elevated,” says Kim. Pros should consider pairing Cozy White with warm wood tones and neutral accents in surrounding building materials.

Mood: Thoughtful | Color: Flora

Valspar 2023 Color of the Year Cozy Flora

A deep blackened olive hue, Flora (5004-2C) is a new neutral for the home that embodies charm and sophistication, meant to mirror a collective shift in priorities and purpose. It is an ideal shade for styling a reading nook, formal living room, or a classic master bedroom. Conducive to deep thought, this is a color that helps your client appreciate life’s bounties. Flora works well with warm wood tones and traditional heirloom pieces, particularly when adding materials of nature-inspired patterns and colors.

Mood: Inspired | Color: Desert Carnation

Valspar 2023 Color of the Year Desert Carnation

The faded natural terracotta of Desert Carnation (2005-7C) inspires individuality. Promoting comfort and self-expression, this is a color that will elevate any room, particularly a home office or child’s playroom, where brilliant, creative ideas take center stage. Designers can create a smart yet relaxed space by complementing this stand-out color with bamboo and blonde wood tones for a warm, inviting look.

You can check out all 12 colors and their matching moods on the Valspar website.

Kim concludes, “Valspar’s 2023 Colors of the Year are usable shades that encourage self-expression and anyone can envision in their space. This year’s colors are composed of comfort, acceptance and joy—not a temporary solution but a lasting change. With our 12 colors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a color that is picture-perfect for your client.”

Whatever your professional paint and color needs, Valspar has your next project covered with a range of flexible, quality products and services, whether it’s a new can of paint or jobsite delivery. Homebuilders and design pros have access to personalized advice with Valspar’s team of specialists, offering tools, tips, loyalty rewards and more. Find your local rep through the rep finder at