The Versatility of Glass Wall Systems

August 9, 2019
multi-pane glass wall
Photo: Unsplash/Andrew Ridley

Operable glass wall systems are well suited to a variety of applications in both large and small homes, Forbes reports.

Glass wall systems made of folding walls offer unobstructed views and daylighting when closed and create a large indoor/outdoor space with fresh air ventilation when open. Some systems have almost invisible tracks in the ceiling or floor. They offer good insulation as well as excellent natural light. 

Folding glass walls are available in various configurations, folding to the left, to the right, or bifold applications that split to fold in two directions. the walls can bifold inward or outward, can stack or be frame-less, and can be visible or disappear into the wall. These walls can be used in interior or exterior spaces, and many manufacturers offer walls that meet high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) requirements. 

Although these operable glass wall systems have been used more frequently for large applications, they are becoming more popular for smaller homes, where people are using these glass walls to expand the space of smaller houses. By seamlessly opening up the wall of a home, the space begins to feel much larger than it actually is.

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