Virtual Reality Can Help Sell Homes

February 12, 2016

Roger Ebert once proclaimed that video games would never be considered art. Regardless of whether that statement proves true or not, what would Roger Ebert have to say about technology that has been refined via video games not as art, but as a tool?

Virtual reality has already permeated the AEC market as a design tool for architects and designers, allowing them to walk through their buildings and search for any problems before construction even begins, saving time and money, but it is finding a place in selling and buying homes, as well.

VR technology is especially pertinent when it comes to trying to get clients to loosen their purse strings on a big investment. If a client can not just see, via a 2D rendering, but actually experience what, say, a luxury condo, would actually be like to walk through and live in, they might be more apt to make a large investment.

There are companies popping up everywhere that are creating VR tours, be it with an existing video game engine or their own software, in an effort to make the entire designing, building, and selling process easier.

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